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Touslesdrivers Search

Touslesdrivers SearchThis module perform a research on the TLD drivers database by a simple keyword submission.

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Corner Page Peel - Compliant!

Corner Page Peel - Compliant! compliant Page Peel Banner Module for Joomla 1.5 native. Display either a single custom Ad, or display an entire Ad campaign utilizing the Joomla! Banner Component which comes standard with any fresh install of Joomla 1.5. Create an alternative Banner to display when the paid banners run out or if they expire. This module is based upon the webpicassa open source solution and has been worked into a Joomla module. The biggest advantage to this module over similar modules is that this one validates to standards. Setup is easy, however it requires you to create a personalized banner or banner campaign. Visit our Web site for tips on how to create banners and even animated banners. NOTE: ALL BANNER IMAGES MUST BE IN .jpg FORMAT, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE A FLASH ANIMATION, YOU MUST CHANGE THE EXTENSION NAME FROM .swf TO .jpg. (we promise this will work).

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Shot Online Guild Status

The Suite Gildenstatus is a package containing a component, a module and a plugin, that makes it possible to enter and display information about a Shot-Online guild on your Website. Shot Online is a MMO golf simulation. With a minimum of input values (which are the guild points and the number of members) several other informations (eg. the guild level or the avarage guild points per day) can be calculated. All of these informations can be displayed in a module position or, using the plugin, in the content. A new "status" of the guild can be submitted by members of configurable groups through the front end. The output of the module is very flexible adjustable by using format strings and wildcard characters. All configuration is done in the component's admin panel and it is the component, which provides the classes necessary for all operations. For that installing the component is required for the module or the plugin to operate. Take a look at the example page to see the module (top right) and the plugin working.

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showChessDiagramBased on mosFEN 1.2 (c) 2007 R. Torenstra v 1.31: adapted to be compliant with Joomla 1.5.x added label for rows and columns added a preliminary check to verify if FEN code is a valid code or not (see added an indication of "who's turn to move" added custom css (a specific file in /plugins/showChessDiagram/css/ directory named as 'style_XXXXXX.css' where '_XXXXXX' must be indicated in plug-in parameter) added error message for a non-valide FEN (e.g. for a bad piece's indication, like T) added management of the alignment of the diagram (left|center|right) added management of the size of the diagram (big|normal|small) added management of a description of the diagram

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