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File: MP3 Browser for Joomla 1.5.x

File Size:
110 KB

The plugin has been updated with the following improvements
Ability to not show download, size, length columns,
Rename all column headers,
Support for utf-8 ID3 info,
Sort mp3's by filename Ascending or Descending,
Specify the max number of results to show,

This plugin will create a table of every MP3 in a specified folder. It displays the ID3 information of each track with a link to download or play the file in the browser.

Use the tags below in any content item:



To display the MP3's from the directory 'music' in our 'images' folder, just add the following to any article:

Example 2

... and that's all you need to do.

This is the result of the above:

Download Name Play Size Length
download Africa

5.8 MB 4:15 min
download Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Mix Part II)

11.8 MB 8:33 min
download The Morning After

10 MB 7:15 min
download hip hop be bop
Man Parrish-

5.1 MB 5:33 min
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+++New version available+++

Version 1.5.23

Multiple bug fixes

We have had a lot of requests to make the download button 'work' in Firefox.  There is only one way to do this (we are open to suggestions) and that's to send download requests through another HTML file that uses the page headers to force the download. Unfortunately this would allow anyone to download any file on your server.  Including the Joomla configuration file, which contains enough information to FTP and hack your site at will.  Therefore we have not implemented this fix.

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