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AJ Article listing

AJ Article listingAJ Article listing is an extended version of Section to categories drop-down menu originally by Vladimir Ivanov & Kulendra. The module lists all articles in a chosen section/category by using two drop-down menus. We added module parameters for Section Drop-down label, Category Drop-down label, Button label and JS Message, if no choice was done. Added option to hide sections and sort sections by id, title or order - ascending or descending. Added module class-suffix, for individual module styling. Credits to Luis Murcia who fixed some original JavaScript errors. Installs like any other Joomla module. 1. In the first drop-down there is a list of all Joomla content sections. Option to hide and sort sections in the module parameters. 2. When you choose the section, the second drop-down loads the categories of the chosen section. 3. To allow some formatting to the result page, there is a module parameter called "Linked menu". You have to create a "category blog" menu item and set-up it parameters, or use an existing. This menu item "id" you have to put in mod_aj_article_listing "Linked Menu" parameter field. This controls the way articles are listed, 1 or 2 columns etc.

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