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RokQuickCartWhat is RokQuickCart? RokQuickCart is a simple shopping cart for Joomla. It takes a simple, yet elegant, shopping cart script and integrates directly into Joomla. It allows you to showcase products, inclusive of images, descriptions and additional options, and purchase these items, with support for shipping and tax calculation.. The extension uses PayPal and Google Checkout as its payment systems, and comes with an inbuilt theme. Features * Payment Systems: use PayPal or Google Checkout * Currencies: use up to 16 different currencies for your store * Tax Rate: automatic cost calculation based on a tax rate * Shipping: configure shipping costs for auto-calculation * RokBox: product images use RokBox to display larger previews * Style: inbuilt styling for rapid deployment Changelog ------- 1.1 Release [07-Sepr-2009] ------- 4-Sep-2009 Brian Towles ^ moved thumbnail creation to cache dir for better compatibility # Fixed item description not saving html markup. ------- 1.0 Release [31-August-2009] ------- ! Initial release. Click the following for the Full & Official Changelog at

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