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We've just released our MP3 Browser Plugin

Our new plugin allows you to easily create a stylish table of all mp3's in a directory,

Simply use the tags {music}path/to/directory{/music} in any content Item and the plugin will dislplay all of the mp3's in that directory in the table complete with ID3 tag information and a link to download or play the file direct in the browser.

For any support quesitons on this plugin, please use our Support Forum


Download Name Play Size Length
download Africa

5.8 MB 4:15 min
download Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Mix Part II)

11.8 MB 8:33 min
download The Morning After

10 MB 7:15 min
download hip hop be bop
Man Parrish-

5.1 MB 5:33 min
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